NBK Capital’s HR department aims to attract, retain and reward world-class talent in order to create a unique corporate culture rooted in our commitment to integrity, collaboration, transparency and leadership excellence. Our corporate values offer a blueprint for the kind of professionalism that supports our business lines and customer service.


Innovate – Excel – Lead


Our mission is to create value for our clients and investors through excellence in financial solutions.


We strive to increase the asset value of our Human Capital by ensuring the highest levels of engagement. Our values are rooted in everything we do, we call them our PRIMES:


    built on commitment, enthusiasm and motivation

  • Respect

    cemented in ethics, integrity and balance

  • Innovation

    driven by unconventional, proactive, customized approach

  • Meritocracy

    recognizing and rewarding talent, hard work and accountability

  • Excellence

    in quality, speed and consistency

  • Synergy

    for teamwork, communication and transparency

Integrity | An unmatched level of integrity
  • Maintain high ethical and professional standards at all times.
  • Act with credibility and reliability to build trust internally and externally.
  • Foster diversity, inclusiveness and respect.
Excellence | A commitment to excellence
  • Deliver best in class service every time taking into consideration clients' best interest.
  • Demonstrate passion and commitment and act as NBK Capital's ambassadors.
  • Think long-term to enhance the value creation process.
Innovation | An unconventional way of thinking
  • Challenge the status quo.
  • Seek opportunities to diversify our products and services.
  • Improve through learning from experience, feedback and critical thinking.
Teamwork | A high level of collaboration
  • Understand the impact of own work on team and act responsibly.
  • Collaborate and work cohesively with each other to achieve synergy.
  • Exchange constructive and objective feedback with peers, teams and superiors.