NBK Capital’s Asset Management group is the leading regional asset management platform offering clients a broad array of global investment products and services. A team of asset management professionals combine their extensive knowledge and experience across the asset class spectrum, to address the specific short and long-term objectives of individuals and institutional clients.

The Asset Management group comprises of several divisions, including MENA Asset Management, Investment Products, Investment Advisory and Alternative Investments. Drawing on their unique skills-sets the professional teams from these groups offer clients innovative, informed and strategic financing solutions.

MENA Asset Management

NBK Capital’s MENA Asset Management division offers award-winning, best-in-class investment products geared for consistent growth with a central focus on transparency and risk management.

Investment Products

The Investment Products division is responsible for the development and management of investment products for NBK Capital and its respective distribution channels.

Investment Advisory

Investment Advisory is an exclusive part of NBK Capital, tasked with providing sophisticated investment recommendations and investment solutions to Private, Privilege, and Corporate clients.

Alternative Investments

Managed by NBK Capital Partners a leading regional private equity firm with over USD 750 million in capital commitments, based in the DIFC in Dubai and having a presence in Kuwait and Turkey.