Gulf Equity Investment Fund

The Fund seeks long-term capital appreciation by investing in the stock of companies in the Gulf Cooperation Council. The Fund will follow an active management strategy of allocating its investments between the various markets in the GCC. The Fund’s objective is to achieve optimal returns over the long term by reducing the risk that comes from investing in equity markets of the GCC. Allocation among the various markets in the GCC will contribute towards achieving this objective, along with investing in money market instruments such as deposits or equivalent in Islamic banks, sukuk or bonds issued or guaranteed by the governments of the GCC, either in Kuwaiti Dinars or any other foreign currency, and also with investing in other investment funds, based on the investment expectations and strategy of the Fund Manager, and by following the investment restrictions without these investments conflicting with the rules of law (7) of 2010 Executive By-law thereof and its amendments and the resolutions, and instructions.

  • Fund Structure: Open-ended

    Asset Class: Equity

    Liquidity: Weekly

    Inception Date: 18 February 2016


    As of 07 Jan 2021


As of 07 Jan 2021
First Financial Year 10.56% 20.54%
Annualized 3 Years (Since Inception) 10.58% 14.87%
Annualized 6 Years (Since Inception)
End of 3rd Quarter 2020 (Since Inception) 38.36% 57.25%
Cumulative Return Since Inception 39.48% 59.98%
Annualized Return since Inception 7.12% 10.20%
Annualized Standard Deviation 13.61% 13.86%

Fund Structure:Open-ended fund
Currency:US Dollar
Inception Date:18 February 2016
Minimum Investment:USD 10,000/- and in increments of USD 1,000/-
Subscription/Redemption Dealing Day:Wednesday of every week until 12:00 pm
Valuation Day:Thursday
Subscription/Participation Fee:2% on the Subscription Amount on each unit subscribed
Management Fee:1.50% per annum
Performance Fee:10% of any positive variance between the return of the Fund and the index during the financial year
Investment Controller Fee: 0.0625% of the Fund’s Asset Value until USD 60 million

0.05% of the Fund’s Asset Value for any amount above USD 60 million

Custodian Fee: 0.0625% of the Fund’s Asset Value until USD 60 million

0.05% of the Fund’s Asset Value for any amount above USD 60 million

Fund Manager:Watani Investment Company K.S.C.C. (regulated by Capital Markets Authority)
Auditor:KPMG Safi Al-Mutawa & Partners
Investment Controller &Custodian:Gulf Custody Company
Distributor:National Bank of Kuwait S.A.K.P.
Fund Regulator:Capital Markets Authority
Domicile of the Fund:Kuwait
Fund Manager Contact: Floor 35, NBK Tower, Sharq Area, Jaber Al-Mubarak & AlShuhada street, Block 7, Plot 6, Sharq, Kuwait, P.O. Box 4950 Safat, 13050 Kuwait


  • Easy access to your money on a weekly basis
  • Investing in equities with strong fundamentals and good long-term prospects
  • Measure Fund performance against S&P Adjusted GCC Index
  • Volatility risk of the fund is high


Nabil Maroof
Deputy Chief Executive Officer – NBK Capital

Husayn Shahrur, Ph.D.
Managing Director – MENA Asset Management

Shadi Khadder, CFA, FRM
Director, Portfolio Management – MENA Asset Management

Wajih Al Boustany, CFA
AVP, Portfolio Management – MENA Asset Management

Islam Al Batrawy
AVP, Trading – MENA Asset Management

Rajat Bagchi
AVP, Portfolio Management – MENA Asset Management





NBK Tower, Sharq Area,
Jaber Al-Mubarak & AlShuhada street
Floor 35, block 7, Plot 6
Sharq, Kuwait
P.O. Box 4950 Safat
13050 Kuwait