Prime Brokerage is NBK Capital’s High Net-Worth and Institutional Sales Desk. Prime Brokerage offers client’s access to 14 MENA markets through one platform and one point of contact. The desk aims to provide professional and advanced execution services backed by a team of highly qualified brokers.


NBK Capital Prime Brokerage offers access to the Kuwaiti and Egyptian markets directly through fully-owned and managed subsidiaries, whilst leveraging strategic alliances with the best brokerage houses in the rest of the MENA markets. NBK Capital Prime Brokerage’s desk is a premium offering for High Net-Worth clients and Institutions that want to access to sales brokers and multiple markets through one account and one point of contact.


NBK Capital’s Brokerage unit is comprised of professional brokers with extensive in-depth knowledge and intimate understanding of each exchange they deal through. Wired into the latest relevant local market news and analysis, and the combination of market-leading professionals and direct execution is why NBK Capital Brokerage is the ‘Broker of Choice’ for institutional and HNWI in Kuwait and abroad.