International Brokerage

Online trading access to all US Exchanges, in addition to the ability to trade Global markets.

International Brokerage

Online Access to all U.S. exchanges:

  • U.S Securities traded on U.S exchanges
  • Non-US securities (ADRs, GDRs) traded on U.S exchanges
  • Traded ETF’s to access major U.S indices like DJIA, NASDAQ and S&P 500, industries & sectors, international markets and commodities (Oil, Gold)
  • Options trading

Other Markets:

  • Non-dollar equity markets in Europe, Asia, Canada, UK, Japan, Australia, Turkey and other global markets
  • Global fixed income markets

Integrated Brokerage Services

  • Fully disclosed segregated accounts, Assets are in the name of clients
  • Fair & Best executions
  • Easy movement of funds to/from the brokerage account
  • Direct online access backed by a dedicated sales brokers and an execution desk available during U.S market hours and pre/after-market hours
  • Support full range of asset classes
  • Support USD, EURO, GBP, CHF & Japanese Yen as well as other major non-dollar currencies
  • Margin accounts & regular accounts (Day trading)
  • Daily market summaries emails
  • Services delivered through an advanced online trading platform including:
    • Real time quotes / Industry quotes
    • Live portfolio update