Career advancement means different things to different people, balancing a busy schedule, earning more money, overcoming an obstacle, advancing to another level. Whatever your definition of growth – either in yourself or your career – we appreciate the need for challenge and achievement. NBK Capital prepares its people for growth by providing the resources to reach their full potential.

Here are some of the resources we provide to support your growth:


As employees carve out their career from a wide range of options, we provide them the requisite resources and encouragement to help them reach the peak of their capabilities. For instance, to help employees progress in their career we provide a Career Path Road Map for all jobs within NBK Capital. This roadmap provides a clear perspective of a particular career, including duration, summary of the role and responsibilities and, more importantly, the requisite skills, education and personality traits needed at each step of the ladder.


We believe in continual development of an individual and accordingly our training does not end with an initial orientation program. We invest in continuous learning, as means for personal development and the organization’s continued success into the future.

As part of our internal and external training and development program employees are coached, supported and mentored by some of the most capable people in the industry.

We also provide assistance to employees, who wish to pursue further education while working at NBK Capital.


Our Performance Management Program (PMP) is designed to help employees succeed and take responsibility for their performance and growth at NBK Capital. The program has three important parts and is supported by continuous and open dialogue at all stages;


We encourage people to set challenging personal performance objectives that are closely aligned with our business mission and strategy. Individual achievements are recognized and rewarded.


We use competencies alongside objectives to ensure that our people not only concentrate on delivering, but delivering in the right manner. Our competencies are linked to our values and incorporate key skills and behaviors we believe are important for success at NBK Capital.


Our PMP provides employees with the platform to define developmental objectives addressing existing skill gaps and future skill requirements.