We are proud to provide a comprehensive and competitive compensation and benefits program. Our compensation philosophy is based on three guiding principles:

  • Ensure competitiveness, through regular benchmarking against relevant market pay packages and an annual benchmarking exercise to ensure pay remains competitive.
  • Fair and equitable salaries based on specific jobs and the level of responsibilities that go with it.
  • Top performance deserves superior compensation and top performers receive proportionately higher rewards.


We offer the following forms of compensation:

  • Basic Salary which recognizes the experience, skills and knowledge for a particular role.
  • Additional Allowance which forms a part of the total fixed income.
  • Bonus which is discretionary and reflects the performance of the firm, contributions of the various businesses and the employee’s individual contribution.


Among the standard benefits we provide as part of our pay package:

  • Life, accident and family medical insurance coverage.
  • Leave Travel Allowance, which takes into consideration the multicultural nature of our workforce that employs people from all over the world.