NBK Capital hosts ack students in collaboration with “INJAZ”

Kuwait: December 16, 2019

Al-Hamad: Educating youth on “Savings and Investments” is one of the pillars of building the future

Kuwait – December 2019: NBK Capital hosted students from the Australian College of Kuwait in collaboration with the non-profit NGO, INJAZ (Kuwait). The aim of the visit is to educate students on “Savings and Investments,” and prepare them for the financial and business working environment in the private sector.

During their visit to NBK Capital, the students were given a tour in the various departments of the Firm, including Asset Management, Investment Banking and Brokerage, where they learned about the day-to-day work as a realistic model on how one of the largest companies of the investment sector in the region operates. The tour was followed by an educational session on “Savings and Investments” presented by NBK Capital’s volunteers.

NBK Capital’s CEO, Faisal Al-Hamad, stated: “NBK Capital’s social initiatives focus on two main objectives, providing the opportunity for participating students to learn about the nature of work in the financial private sector and the importance it represents in developing the national economy, and the financial education of Kuwaiti youth on Savings and Investments.” Al-Hamad stressed on the importance of educating youth in savings, introducing them to the culture of investments, and teaching youth better financial planning through “Savings and Investments” management.

NBK Capital is firmly committed to its social responsibility programs, which focus on educating Kuwaiti youth in order to achieve greater development and prosperity for Kuwait, always seeking to support and encourage initiatives that serve our society through education, to empower youth and guide them towards success.