NBK Capital Appoints Fahad Al-Rasheed Al-Bader Deputy CEO

Kuwait: April 13, 2021

With his 16-year experience, he will help the company accomplish its objectives and strategic plans

NBK Capital announced the appointment of Fahad Al-Rasheed Al-Bader as Deputy CEO after obtaining the required approval.

The appointment confirms the company’s move to the digital transformation of its services and it is keeping up with the latest developments in the world of finance and investment. It also points to its increasing dependence on digitization and artificial intelligence in all its operations. This is due to Al-Bader’s experience spanning over 16 years in the financial and investment technology sector, which would help NBK Capital achieve its goals and plans to boost its position in the investment sector, particularly in view of the current technological developments in the economic sectors around the world.

After graduating from the USA Babson College in 2004, Al-Bader held several positions in capital markets, corporate finance and asset management in MENA. Among these positions was the Middle East Wealth Manager at Deutsche Bank, CEO of New Technologies Corporation, which is a major financial services technology company in the region, and finally as a CEO of NBK Capital Smart Technologies.

Al-Bader appointment confirms the stability of the NBK Capital management team and indicates the company’s keenness on supporting young national leadership to occupy positions commensurate with their abilities and experience. NBK Capital is always seeking to enhance its leading position by appointing competencies capable of establishing a more professional work environment that would enable it to overcome any possible economic challenges.

NBK Capital seeks to continue its leadership by qualifying successive generations of leaders capable of holding leading positions when necessary. From its inception, NBK Capital has been a unique investment entity and a model in developing national competencies. It boasts successive generations of pioneers in investment and banking in Kuwait, making its mark as a leading investment school in the region and graduating numerous national leaders of investment and banking institutions.

Established in 2005, it is worth noting that NBK Capital is a leading investment company in the region. It manages USD 6.8 billion of regional and international assets with regional presence in Kuwait, UAE, Bahrain, Egypt and Turkey.