NBK Capital debuts trading service via mobile in US Stocks and Options

Kuwait: September 13, 2018

USD 25,000 minimum to open an account available to nationals and expats inside Kuwait

Stemming from its commitment to offering up-to-date services, NBK Capital has for the first time launched a smart electronic application for trading in US Stock Exchange for equity sale and purchase and trading in options contracts.

Through this innovative application, which has been developed using the latest technology in the field, NBK Capital offers a direct interactive experience through trading in the US stock market, access to trading accounts, knowledge of market trends and response to customer inquiries through a team of specialized brokers to help clients trade easily and enjoy many other features.

The new electronic application provided by NBK Capital is easy to use as the customer can access it using fingerprint technology which is the safest. Flexibility comes in line with this application as it executes sell and buy orders, keeps an eye on equity prices and provides news updates of the US market. It simply serves all categories of investors in a way that reflects the professional and vast expertise behind the design to satisfy different customer segments’ needs.

Tarek Al-Shehab, Head of Trading at NBK Capital, said that : “The launch of the trading service in US stocks and options via a smart electronic application is a new addition to the business platform of NBK Capital, which is considered a technological leap for its ease of use allowing high levels of accuracy and follow-up thanks to a dedicated team that strives to provide these services at high level of accuracy”.

He added that: “The new application is available to all client segments of Kuwait whether citizens or foreigners. The minimum account opening balance is USD $25,000 through all Kuwaiti banks, as well as special features that will be available to NBK customers, who can transfer funds instantly from their own personal accounts along many other features”.

Al-Shehab commented as saying: “NBK Capital has a specialist team that follows trading climate in the US market and provides information retrieval service to customers who need to take the appropriate investment decisions”.

“The client who wants to invest may visit the App Store on iPhone or Google Play for Android devices and search for NBK Capital-International application then follows easy steps to enter his data and basic information by responding to a number of questions that have been developed to identify the customer. The process will then request that the client transfers the amount required to start trading in accordance with the instructions and frameworks in place.

NBK Capital has 13 years of experience in providing trading services. It offers integrated trading services that include fully separate accounts and assets recorded on behalf of the client, executing transactions at the best fair prices, easy transfer of funds between bank account and trading account, electronic trading supported by a team of specialized brokers which are available during US and pre and post-market trading hours, the possibility of trading a variety of assets, and the possibility of trading in US Dollar, Euro, Sterling Pound, Swiss Franc, Japanese Yen and other major currencies, in addition to instant account evaluations.

Customer can complete their transactions with an Investor Relations Manager who is responsible for the service through NBK branches. For more information, please visit nbkcapital.com.