NBK Capital Hosts Fourth Annual Investment Forum Entitled “The Insight”

Kuwait: February 20, 2018

  • Forum aims to share insights on markets and industry with clients and investors
  • Financial experts from regional and international companies take part of Forum
  • Al-Hamad: We are committed to developing innovative financial solutions to benefit our clients

Watani Investment Company (NBK Capital) hosted its fourth annual Investment Forum entitled “The Insight” during which guest speakers from leading investment firms along with NBK Capital’s senior investment professionals provided an outlook on global macroeconomics, developed market real estate opportunities, investment strategy and fintech.

Our ultimate goal is to continue developing innovative financial solutions that address the specific investment needs of our clients

Through such forums, NBK Capital aims to provide its clients and investors with insights on the latest developments and trends in the investment industry.

In his talk, Chief Executive Officer of NBK Capital, Mr. Faisal Al-Hamad, said, “We are pleased to host our fourth annual Forum, a vital platform allowing us to exchange insights, open a dialogue and further strengthen our partnership with clients amidst fluctuations in the local, regional and global financial markets and the rapid developments in technologies. Our ultimate goal is to continue developing innovative financial solutions that address the specific investment needs of our clients”.

Our guest, Schroders’ Senior economist and strategist, discussed the implications for markets as the world economy moves from the recovery phase of the economic cycle to the expansion phase. He suggested that stronger growth is set to continue, however, rising inflation due to declining spare capacity will prompt central banks to tighten monetary policy further. Furthermore, rising interest rates are likely to challenge the elevated valuations for equities, and re-introduce volatility in markets.

The Managing Director of NBK Capital’s MENA Asset Management Department, Dr. Husayn Shahrur, presented on “The Interplay Between Active and Passive Investing”. He shared historical evidence on the growth in passive instruments like ETFs and the performance of active managers in developed and emerging markets. Dr. Shahrur concluded that the boundaries between active and passive investing are becoming fuzzier by the day. He also made the case that the growth in the breadth and depth of passive instruments are helping the investment management industry transform from one that is product-focused to one that seeks to engage clients with outcome-based solutions.

Mr. Fahed Al Bader, head of NBK Capital SmartWealth, discussed innovations in investment management and the use of technology to drive best-in-class solutions, emphasizing on the convenience and efficiency of digital investment solutions.

The Forum concluded with a panel discussion on strategies to navigate developed real estate markets. The panel consisted of senior executives of US and European real estate investment firms. Participants discussed the impact of macroeconomic views on the various property markets and strategies in the US and Europe. Consensus was built over the need to take a more cautious approach to deploying capital in today’s market environment given strong capital inflows.

Since its inception in 2005, NBK Capital prides itself on a reach and scale that is global, a focus that is regional and a service level that always remains personal.